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PASSAGES – an Association for Guidance, Education & Support, founded in July 1998, is a voluntary, non-profit NGO, conceptualized by a core group of women.
Its objective is to prepare and strengthen women by education, guidance and support through the various ‘passages’ of their lives.

The Organisation creates awareness on issues concerning women through interactive Workshops and Forums designed to give insightful information. These are conducted regularly and facilitated by professionals from the respective field.

“It is only the women whose eyes have been washed clear with tears who get the broad vision that makes them little sisters to all the world.” – Dorothy Dix

Breast cancer is the most common cancer (23% of all cancers). More than 1,050,000 new breast cancer cases occur worldwide annually. The incidence of breast cancer in India is expected to increase by over 200% by the year 2020.

October 2002 heralded a new beginning for PASSAGES in the area of large-scale public awareness for CANCER HEALTH.

The Symbol By Dr. Coomi B. Singh

The pretty pink shell, lay there, half buried, on the beach. I spotted it as I strolled arm-in-arm with my love. He picked it up, wiped away the sand and shyly offered it to me, a symbol of our love, perfect, pink, strong and yet fragile a something to be treasured, nurtured. He held it to my ear; the waves sounded closer now, I felt tranquil, at peace with the world. Love was mine, and I was special.

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