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Association for Guidance, Education and Support
93, Indian Cancer Society Medical Center,  Cooperage, Mumbai, 400021 
Phone: (+91 22) 22047823 
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THE TEAM:  Dr. Tarana Khubchandani, Kaya Shewakramani, Valerie Singhvi

Friends, with the festive season beginning, busyness is added to the already action filled lives of many of us; here are a few thoughts (PASSAGES moments) to ponder on:
“What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.
A poor life this is if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.”
- W. H Davies
The point is, most of us struggle throughout our lives by giving too much CARING in situations even where care does not deserve to be given. We give a care about the inattentive sales person who chats away while we wait to be attended to. We complain when it’s raining and we were supposed to go jogging in the morning. We are doers and directors trying to control every action!
We spend our energies cribbing and complaining about traffic, weather and other situations everywhere.
And, for what purpose?For what reason? Convenience? Happiness?
Because when we expect too much - when we choose to control just about everything, then we feel as though we are perpetually entitled to feel comfortable and happy at all times, that’s when life gets burdensome.
"Let go" not to everything in life, but rather they say, "let go" to everything unimportant in life.
Reserve the caring for what truly matters - friends, family and an occasional vacation or two.
And because of that, because you reserve their energy for only the big things, the important things, you can get leisure time to do the small things - like smell the flowers!

Kaya Shewakramani
Stall at the IMC Ladies’ Wing Women Entrepreneurs’ Exhibition:

This year, Passages had the opportunity of holding an awareness camp at the IMC Ladies’ Wing - Women Entrepreneurs’ Exhibition, 2016 - on 23rd and 24th August, 2016 at Dome@NSCI, SVP Stadium, Worli, Mumbai.
Our stall was very attractively decorated with pink balloons and pink merchandise, donated for the cause of our Medicine Bank, by several members.
Visitors and several stall holders were seen wearing our pink ribbon, drawing attention to the message of the importance of early detection of cancer by regular check ups and screenings. Over 2500 women were given our information on Cancers in Women and our Breast Self Examination literature.

This Event presented a platform to budding women entrepreneurs engaged in fashion, jewellery, accessories and life style products to show case their talent and reach out to a wide section of society committed to the cause of women’s empowerment.
We are deeply indebted to the 2106-2017 IMC Ladies’ Wing committee and would like to acknowledge the entire IMC Ladies’ Wing Exhibition Committee, especially RadhikaNath, Anu Mittal, ManishaPamnani and Nayantara Jain, along with the efficient assistance of staff member, JyotiBangera.
A special thanks to KanchanKhubchandani and Deepa Khubchandani for helping with stall set up at IMC; Gaurav for helping with the sign-boards; Shrutika, Rita and Snehal for endless hours of manning the stall and RachnaSethi, VibhaRupani, RashnaDoongaji and PritiLalwani for assisting at the stall.


CAS Programme: Since July 2016, we have included students from the Cathedral & John Connon School, for volunteering opportunities in various tasks like updating our patient records, helping in brochure distribution and awareness camps, setting up events and many more. These IB students are fulfilling the service aspect of the CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) requirement for their IB diploma course. Our thanks to SejalMody, CAS Coordinator of the School, for coordinating this activity.

Art Therapy at St Jude’s (India) Child Care Centre: 16th April, 2016
In an attempt to cheer up the children residing at the St Jude’s Centre – Bhoiwada, several of our volunteers collaborated and planned a recreational art activity for the children undergoing various stages of cancer treatment. Thirty resident children at the Centre greeted us with enthusiasm for their art session!The children painted on canvas bags donated by ArpanaKhanna. Stenciling and lettering to make their names prominent, made the event creative, and very enjoyable.
Several volunteers - PritiLalwani, RashnaDoongaji, DivyaRajaniShroff, Snehal Salve, Kaya Shewakramani and DivyaPamnani - guided the entire activity, creatively and joyfully, assisting the kids with the painting of the canvas bags. Thank you, all!Some healthy food treats were also provided to the children.

  We also acknowledge the enthusiasm and help extended by Anna Rath (our current CAS volunteer) who, later on, painted and personalized more jute bags for another batch of children staying at the St. Jude’s Child Care Centre; these were distributed on 1st October 2016 along with more healthy food packets.

Cancer Screening Camps:
In keeping with PASSAGES’ aims and objectives of Breast Cancer awareness and propagating preventive health measures by early detection, our Organisation sponsored the check ups for the following screening camps, which were well appreciated by all who attended. These camps gave an opportunity to lesser privileged women to get their annual check ups done through PASSAGES’ assistance-
A) Meesha Diagnostic Centre, Jacob’s Circle: Cancer Detection Camp, 20th and 22nd October 2016
27 women, who registered through PASSAGES, went for a cancer check-up camp, which included a CBC, Mammogram, Pelvic Ultrasound, Sonography and PAP Smear.
B) Kasturi Foundation, Sion: Cancer Screening Camp, 7th August 2016
17 persons, sponsored by PASSAGES, attended this screening camp for a thorough check up.
  Medicine Bank:
From April 2016 up to October 2016, we have financially assisted underprivileged patients from Cama Hospital (under our ‘Illness to Wellness’ Scheme) as well as other individual cancer patients who appeal for financial aid to carry on and complete their ongoing treatment requirements; their requirements are need based, on submission of original bills. Rs. 3,15,000/- was disbursed towards patients’ financial needs.
The distribution of Chemotherapy tablets goes on regularly at the Cama Hospital. We acknowledge the dedication of our volunteers Snehal Salve and Rita Advani for the same.
Awareness Drives:
  Cancer awareness brochures and other early detection flyers which reached out to several women, were distributed at the following venues:
IMC Ladies’ Wing Exhibition - 23rd - 24th August 2016; the Dome@NSCI.
Showcase Charity - 8th October 2016 at Four Seasons Hotel.
Design One - 5th - 6th October 2016; the Dome@NSCI (our sincere thanks to BinaiferHavaldarAntia and AnahitaHavaldar of Mandalay Stationary for distributing the same at their Stall).