A Breast Cancer book by Dr. Tarana Khubchandani
and its Hindi, Marathi & Gujarati Translations

This beautiful book, in a convenient size and with striking colors, aims at inspiring and instilling hope in the heart.
Chapter by chapter, it unfolds the history of a patient with cancer. First the diagnosis shock, the hurt and confusion, fears for the family and for the children, in particular, how much should they be told. Next, the book deals with the subject of cancer, what it is, what are the risk factors for breast cancer, the warning signs and, more importantly, what questions to ask the doctor after a positive biopsy report. The book then explains, in layman's terms, about the staging of the disease, surgery and the various therapies or options available with questions to ask the surgeon before and after surgery and the radiation oncologist too! While dealing with the trauma of chemotherapy, the benefits of the treatment are highlighted and the underlying message is that all side effects 'are temporary and will return to normal.'
' Whispering Hope' looks at the mind-body connection. It is important to know how to direct the mind and emotions to effectively support the course of treatment. It has briefly touched upon various alternative medical systems such as ayurveda, biofeedback training, faith healing, macrobiotics, massage, meditation, naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, visualization and yoga.

"Nutritional research, like a modern star of Bethlehem, brings hope that sickness need not be a part of life." (Adelle Davis, U.S. Nutritionist & Writer, New York Times Magazine, 20th May 1973). A chapter on food gives useful information on cancer preventive foods and eating related side effects.

There are many myths about breast cancer. The book has looked at some of these myths and narrated the facts realistically. It is full of quotations that touch the soul, inspiring and breathing hope. The last chapter is a collection of quotes, extracted from the respondents in the on-going research "Cancer - Social & Emotional Impact/Implications undertaken by PASSAGES.

In urban areas, medical information on cancer of the breast is available in many books, the internet and, of course, from medical consultants. But, what about rural India? Hence the pressing need for the Hindi, Marathi & Gujarati translations of the English book in order to reach out to a larger section of society.

Breast Cancer – the second highest cancer to affect Indian women – is on the rise. There are about 80,000 new breast cancer cases detected every year in India, and it is estimated that one out of every 20 urban women and one out of every 50 rural women will contract this disease.

Upon hearing this overwhelming and unexpected diagnosis, a woman is faced with many emotions of shock, hurt, anger, confusion and fears for herself and her family. “Whispering Hope – Advice from a good friend” unfolds the history of a woman suffering from breast cancer. It deals with warning signs, the risk factors, surgical techniques involved, nutrition as well as various other therapies and options available. It also looks into the mind-body connection and how to effectively direct the mind and emotions to support the course of treatment

Armed with the knowledge provided by this book, a newly diagnosed breast cancer patient can more confidently participate with her doctor and family, in planning the best possible treatment with a positive frame of mind.


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