Cancer Health Programme

“It is only the women whose eyes have been washed clear with tears who get the broad vision that makes them little sisters to all the world.” – Dorothy Dix

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer (23% of all cancers). More than 1,050,000 new breast cancer cases occur worldwide, annually. The incidence of breast cancer in India is expected to increase by over 200% by the year 2020.

October 2002 heralded a new beginning for PASSAGES in the area of large-scale public awareness for Cancer health.

Awareness Camps and Distribution of Educational information related to cancer.
Cancer Screenings for women who register through PASSAGES (CBC, Mammogram, Pelvic Ultrasound, Sonography and PAP Smear), through specific Diagnostics Centres in the city available throughout the year.
Medical Aid through a Medicine Bank provided on a regular basis. Patients from Government Hospitals and lesser privileged receive relevant medicines.
Financial Assistance provided to breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, radiation and other related treatments. Patients have to fill in the FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FORM along with submitting all the necessary documents as per the Form. This is subject to scrutiny by the PASSAGES’ team.
Supplying food supplements and other surgical dressing materials to Mumbai-based institutions like the Oncology dept. of the Cama & Albless Hospital, Shanti Avedna, Asha Daan and Asha Sadan.
  Telephone Helpline for Cancer (+91) 86524 00000.
Awareness Camps
  The rise in the incidence of Breast Cancer worldwide is a cause for great concern and Breast Cancer Support Groups internationally have been creating public awareness of early detection and what can be done to prevent and treat this disease, which takes toll on the lives of millions of women.

Giving direction, (through WHISPERING HOPE) counseling and simply lending a ear to a newly detected breast cancer patient (and her family, indirectly) is the objective of the project. It is even better when the cured patient decides to help another in the similar tragic circumstance. With this idea in mind, PASSAGES started the HELPLINE for Cancer and awareness campaign six years ago. Regular awareness talks are held all over Mumbai in collaboration with other organisations and non-profits. Spreading the EARLY DETECTION MESSAGE is emphasized as a very important preventive measure and one in which women themselves must do their bit through regular self-examinations. Women are taught the correct method of self-examination and are encouraged to conduct it on themselves at a fixed time every month. Equally important is the fact that a woman needs to overcome her shyness and see her doctor if she notices any small lump or any other change. Indian women, in particular, need to overcome their hesitation because, with early detection, the cure rate is very high.

Awareness camps are held through talks facilitated by counselors and other professionals and pamphlets are also distributed in partnership with many other organisations in the city.

  Through this initiative, commenced in April 2013, underprivileged patients from the Cama and Albless Mother and Child Hospital are supported for all their cancer-related treatments, i.e., chemotherapy/radiation therapy, etc. The co-ordination and identification of such patients is supervised by Dr. Dilip Nikam (Head, Radiation Oncology) and his medical team. Supporting patients at this stage is, most certainly, a step with positive benefits for such women and their families. Patients have benefited from the line of supervised, sponsored pre- and post-surgery treatment. The on-going financial support extended by PASSAGES has been taking these women from ‘iIlness to wellness’.
  Several needy Cancer patients from the Cama and Albless Mother and Child Hospital, and other similar institutions, including orphanages, have regularly been receiving tablets, and other supplies as per their treatment requirements.
  1. We, at PASSAGES, also assist and provide financial help to needy individual Cancer patients who submit their Financial Assistance Form to our office.
  2. Cancer Helpline (+91) 86524 00000. This is a dedicated helpline which a patient or caregiver can call for cancer-related assistance – emotional, financial or medical.
  3. Whispering Hope - a book on Breast Cancer - in English, with translations Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati are available to the public. Information pamphlets on Cancers in Women and Breast Self Examination are also available for free distribution.
  4. During the month of October, which is International Breast Cancer Awareness Month, PASSAGES offers discounted coupons for Mammograms done at specific diagnostic centres in the city. Contact our office or Helpline for more details.

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