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PASSAGES Association for Guidance, Education and Support
92, Lady Ratan Tata Medical Center, Cooperage, Mumbai, 400021
Phone: 022-22047823
/ CANCER HELPLINE : 086524-00000
email : info@epassages.org, website : www.epassages.org

Congratulations! Passages will be 15 this year.

We have come a long way from its initiation in 1998. As we interacted with women from diverse spheres, our goals got mapped and steadily got integrated into our various programmes.

Our journey began with simple tasks to support women who were juggling various roles through interactive workshops and forums and support groups.

Today, we Women from PASSAGES have matured with the organisation and our individual life journeys.

All this has been possible only through the commitment, dedication and continuous support of all our friends and families.

Through the years, through my association with like-minded women at Passages workshops and events, I acquired some wisdom, which I would like to share with you to ponder:

No matter what, Change is continuous. Many of us spend too much time anxious about things we cannot change: the economy, the weather, traffic, or people who we love or people who annoy us. Complaining and blaming depletes us of energy and we do not make the most of the opportunities we have, often these patterns can be traced to family or cultural conditioning.
Nothing is permanent! What ever we may be going through at the moment its very reassuring to know that most certainly ‘this will pass’ and a new emotion or thought will take its place. This new state could be better from my point of view or it could be worse but it will definitely be different. These temporary conditions are like little jolts that reverberate the variations in day- to-day living. Do we need these downs to accelerate spiritual growth within us?
Many spiritual traditions teach that knowing yourself and self-awareness is a lifelong pursuit, but one that can help you feel more at peace with yourself and other people. Spending time alone—walking, meditating, or journaling—can put you in touch with the inside ‘you.’ When you acknowledge these feelings, you can make a conscious choice about what to accept and what to change, rather than letting yourself be ruled by unconscious feelings.
Mastery is transforming negative energy into positive through a higher level of awareness. It is clear that negative energy within us is very self-destructive. Replacing negative with positive energy and thoughts is the key to fulfilment of desire.

I am grateful for having participated with Passages and its members and the innumerable continuous opportunities for growth and contribution. I salute the women who have acted as mirrors and helped me in my transformation through the years.

Look forward to your participation.

Kaya Shewakramani


  Update On Cancer Health Programme
  By Dr. Coomi B Singh .

This year we held the C-Kids Party on October 13, 2012 to bring joy and contribute to happy memories for children suffering from cancer. The ‘C’ Kids Foundation organised for around 60 children to attend, each one accompanied by a parent.

The children, accompanying parents, members, friends and well-wishers, all had a truly enjoyable time together. As usual, our volunteer-members saw to it that the kids revelled in their craft activities. This time we had colourful rangoli designs on cardboard base to which the children added embellishments, which were supplied along with the designs. The other activity was a caricature artist who made interesting sketches of the children who were given frames and embellishments to put the sketches into. The kids thoroughly enjoyed these activities. Apart from this, there was a magic show! The magician had the children enthralled by his magic, especially since he called up the kids to volunteer for many of the items. The sight of pigeons being let loose from his hat brought peals of happy laughter from the kids and the delighted parents. Music and dance filled the room. One little girl who was a great dancer mentioned that she was keen to dance for a TV programme. We told her we might not be able to get her on television but Dr. Tarana Khubchandani video-recorded her dance and put it up on the YouTube.

Everyone enjoyed a delicious piping-hot South Indian meal, which was sponsored by Ramlila Charities, Andheri, Mumbai, who also paid for the craft activities. We are grateful to them.

(Project at Cama & Albless Mother and Child Hospital)

Working closely with Dr. Dilip Nikam, Head of Radiation Oncology at the Cama & Albless Mother & Child Hospital, we have started the above project with the view to see a patient from the lower income or lower middle-income group right through her treatment, from illness to wellness. As you are aware, we have been giving financial assistance to several patients over the years. This year too, from 1.4.2012 to date, we have disbursed financial assistance to thirteen patients to the tune of Rs. 2, 22,500/-. This is apart from what we are doing at Cama Hospital. We realised that there are a few really needy patients who go through the treatment when they receive help from some charitable organisation, then discontinue the treatment when funds are not available. This prompted us to start the Adopt-a-Patient from Illness to Wellness project at Cama Hospital.

Under this project, we have undertaken to help three patients, so far. (a) Mrs. X, 48 years old, has three daughters, two of whom are studying. She has breast cancer with bone metastasis. (b) Mrs. Y’s husband works as an auto-rickshaw driver. They have three children of whom one is married. The other two are studying.


She is a patient of Ca Uterus with Liver metastasis. (c) Mrs. Z, 50 years of age, suffers from Ca Ovary. She is unaware of the diagnosis as yet. Her nephew has signed the documents for her treatment, as she has no family of her own. Her husband died ten years ago of heart attack. She lost both her children. She had been working doing house jobs till her illness. Her six cycles of chemotherapy alone will cost around Rs.60,000/-. Apart from this there will be expenses on taking care of side effects of chemotherapy, as well as costs on further treatment such as radiation, etc., if any.

The expenses are closely monitored and made on a need basis directly to the pharma involved, through Dr. Dilip Nikam. We are maintaining a record and all documentation and records are also being maintained at the hospital.

As you can see, this project requires us to have funds available because we have committed to seeing the patient through the entire treatment. We appeal to your generous hearts to support us in this endeavour and will gratefully acknowledge and receive the help given by you.

Our representatives, Snehal and Rehana, actively selling products at Charity fairs. PASSAGES participated at Indus Festival of Charities December 8, 2012 and at the Breach Candy Charity Carnival on February 9, 2013.
  FORTHCOMING EVENTS: (contact us if you are interested in attending)  
S.No Title Date
1. Introduction to Handwriting & Drawing Analysis (Graphology) by Ms. Seema Dhingra, Specialist in Healing Therapies & Tarot March 19, 2013 March 19, 2013
2. 3-days’ Workshop on Wood Carving by Arzan Khambatta March 28-30, 2013
3. Sufi Whirling & Health Benefits by Zia Lambrou April 10, 2013
4. 2-days’ Workshop on ‘Heal Your Life’ (Louise Hay) by certified trainer Ms. Shalini Kalra Jacob April 24-25, 2013
5. Inner & Outer Body Image by Bharati Patel Tentative: June 2013
6. The Miracles of Pranayama and the Joy of Meditation – Ramneek Wig - founder of Yoga Enjoyment, a yoga guru and an author by profession. Tentative
7. Dissemination of information on Helixor in the treatment of cancer patients by Dr. Zubin P Marolia Tentative
8. Scraptivity by Kaya Shewakramani Tentative
9. Book Discussion (book to be decided) facilitated by Dr. Rani Raote, Psychotherapist Tentative
10. Poetry: Speaking the Language of the Heart by Dr. Coomi B Singh (reading of a selection of her new poems) Tentative
11. Know Your Food Energy by Radhika Toshniwal, Nutritionist Tentative
12. Parenting Workshop based on the popular book, ‘How to Talk so Kids will Listen & Listen so Kids will Talk’ by Faber & Mazlish, facilitated by Dr. Rani Roate (This programme can be scheduled whenever there is a confirmed group of about 10 persons)
13. Visit to an NGO (e.g.,Asha Sadan) with planned activity