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Association for Guidance, Education and Support
93, Indian Cancer Society Medical Center,  Cooperage, Mumbai, 400021 
Phone: (+91 22) 22047823 
 /  Cancer Helpline: 086524-00000
Email : info@epassages.org, passagescharity@gmail.com
Website : www.epassages.org
THE TEAM:  Dr. Tarana Khubchandani, Kaya Shewakramani, Valerie Singhvi

"Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life."
 -Eckhart Tolle -

As we enter a new decade, we create and resolve to have new beginnings in relationships, personal well being, work-life balance, and in various ways. Do we stop and wonder how much we are in the NOW?
We begin the day and before we know, it is the evening. We look forward to weekends and they fly by; before we know the month is already over.
And, the year is over...and soon we realize several years of our lives have passed. Our children are getting older, just as we age on.
We lose some dear ones - maybe our parents, siblings, friends.
Then we realize that it is too late to turn back the clock and make up for lost, probable fun times and opportunities! We regret, ponder and move on.
Let's try and break the pattern of 'another time' or 'maybe next week.'
Let's take full advantage of the time and opportunity when we come across them.
Spend time with people you like, do activities you enjoy, do little things spontaneously to bring a smile to you and others.
Cherish the moment and the day!
Eliminate the "after" - do it after…say after...will think about it after...
Because sometimes that 'after' is too late!
Priorities have changed, kids have grown up and you feel too old!
So leave nothing for later or you may lose the best experiences, friends, or family bonding time.
Do it today! Tell someone you care and bring a smile on his or her face and warmth in the heart.
The moment is NOW.
Remember - we are never at the age where we can afford to postpone until tomorrow what needs to be done right away!

Keep smiling,
Kaya Shewakramani

28th June

A CELEBRATORY LUNCH on completion of 21 Years of Passages: All our members, donors and well-wishers, were invited for a fun-filled afternoon where we expressed our gratitude for their support over the years; all were also updated with our NGO's more recent activities.
Renowned sculptor and artist, ARZAN KHAMBATTA also conducted a thoroughly enjoyable workshop on embellishing Face Masks.
Each guest was given a blank mask to be designed with paints, glitter, embellishments, etc., in their own artistic/individualistic way! All who attended received this activity very well! Our sincere thanks to Arzan Khambatta for this workshop.
This get-together, which included Lunch, was held at the MADHULI Banquet Hall, Worli.
13th July

DONATION OF FOOD ITEMS to Shanti Avedna Sadan. Passages' volunteers, Kaya Shewakramani, Priti Lalwani and Snehal Salve gave the following food items – Milk powder, Tea, Rice, Cooking Oil, Lentils and Sugar – for the consumption of the patients staying there.

27th August

DISTRIBUTION OF FOOD ITEMS at the St. Jude's (India) Child Care Centre, Trust House, Lower Parel. Our volunteer - Snehal Salve - supervised this distribution.
17th October & 5th November
DISTRIBUTION OF DIWALI GIFTS to Cancer patients as well as the support staff at the CAMA & ALBLESS HOSPITAL. Our volunteers, Snehal Salve and Rehana Sheikh, distributed 120 stainless steel containers in total, filled with homemade, healthy snacks to all in the Radiation department, on these two separate dates.
Our volunteers, Snehal and Rehana distribute Chemotherapy tablets (Tamoxifen and Letroze) to cancer patients every fortnight. The Radiation Oncology team at the Cama & Albless Hospital has identified these patients and their progress is registered. From January-December 2019, 120 patients have received assistance by way of tablets and it is heartening to note that most of them are responding well to this treatment. We wish to record our gratitude to all our well-wishers who have helped us.
The Indus International invited Passages to DISTRIBUTE CANCER AWARENESS LITERATURE at their event at Kilachand House, Nepeansea Road. There were several other NGOs present selling their products. We extend our thanks to the Presidents of the Indus International for allowing us this opportunity of helping spread the message of Early Detection. The event was attended by over a 100 women.
From January-December 2019, we have also financially aided 36 individual under-privileged cancer patients to help them complete their investigations, surgeries and other treatment requirements. The total amount spent was Rs. 14,60,841/- Our grateful thanks to all donors and well-wishers who have helped us in this endeavour.
9th November
C-KIDS PARTY: The Asian Cancer Foundation brought 30 lesser-privileged children undergoing on-going treatment for various types of cancers at Municipal hospitals, to the Banquet Hall, Madhuli, Worli, for a Passages-sponsored Party. One parent each accompanied these children. They were treated to a fun filled morning; Passages organised Choreographer, AMI KUNDALIA, to teach them a few popular Bollywood dances. The children and their parents enjoyed this very therapeutic and de-stressing dance session; our sincere thanks to Ami and her son, Jash, for taking charge of this entertainment section of our event.
A South Indian Lunch followed this, keeping in mind that all the C-kids had special dietary restrictions; the children were also gifted 'goody' bags filled with lots of art and craft material and a gift each. We, at Passages, also thank the representatives of the Asian Cancer Foundation who identified the children and brought them to the venue.
17th December

CHRISTMAS PARTY for the cancer-afflicted children residing at the St. Jude's (India) Child Care Centre, Trust House, Lower Parel.
In keeping with the festive season, embellishing a live, potted Christmas tree was conducted by our artistic volunteers who showed the children how to create and embellish their own attractive decorations, which they gleefully placed on the tree. This was followed by tea and snacks thoughtfully donated by Passages' members and well-wishers; the children were then gifted 'goody' bags with gifts also donated by our well-wishers. It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. We sincerely thank our volunteers – Shilpa Saraf, Priti Lalwani, Rashna Doongaji, Bina Dattani, Bhisham Lalwani, Rehana Sheikh and Snehal Salve - for making this event such a success.



(Bhisham Lalwani, one of our volunteers for the 17th December event at the St. Jude's (India) Child Care Centre, shares his thoughts.)

I went to the St. Jude's Centre hoping to bring some cheer into the lives of the children undergoing treatment there.

My experience turned out to be quite the opposite. The happiness I felt being amongst the kids was way beyond anything I could have ever imagined.
What struck me as most amazing was their attitude. The positivity and happiness they radiated, inspite of their condition, made me realize how inconsequential our problems are, and how we tend to blow them out of proportion.

I also realized that they are more than just children afflicted with a disease. They are talented, intelligent kids with very distinct, endearing personalities.

I was supposed to be teaching them how to decorate a Christmas tree with various embellishments but within minutes it was very apparent that their skills far surpassed mine.

Watching them work so diligently and create such a beautiful tree was an incredibly fulfilling experience.

I look forward to learning from them again and am truly grateful to Passages for this wonderful opportunity.

Bhisham Lalwani